July 2010

July 2010 issue.
The August 2009 issue of RAGS Magazine contains many wonderful articles, photos, news and advertising. An issue too good to miss!

On the Cover ... Diana Eufrasio Vining has graciously presented her second cover art for RAGS magazine. Her creative talent always portrays intricate details evident in her art. She drew the young girl with Raggedy Red hair, like her adorable Raggedy Ann, and creating matching outfits for them. When this little Raggedy girl is finished reading RAGS magazine, I'm sure she will continue their together time with many of the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories we all know and love!

What a better was to spend an Autumn day than reading together with someone who's loved so much, under the shade of a beautiful tree which is delicately dropping colored leaves in the crisp cool breeze!

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In This Issue

Handmade Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls

7th Annual Cynthiana, KY Festival

Raggedy Ann & Andy's Summer Surprise

Thumbing Through Old Rags

Paper Dolls by Joni Gruelle

Flat Raggedy Adventures

Raggedy Ann Costumes

Raggedy Ann and Andy Sightings

From My Photo Album ...

Auction News

RAGS Scrambled Word Game

And much more...

Covers From A Few Past Issues